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Virtual Purim Corner

Welcome to Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim's Virtual Purim Center!

There are four Mitzvot and one Minhag (custom) we must fulfill for Purim! For the first time, you can perform two of them online via our convenient website!

1. Megillah Reading

The Megillah must be read from an actual hand-written scroll on Kosher parchment. Please see our Purim schedule for Megillah reading times.

The Megillah recordings in the links on our page are meant for educational purposes only - not to fulfill the Mitzvah with them.

Click here for online Megillah reading page!

2. Mishloach Manot - Food Baskets

We must give gifts of food to at least one friend on Purim. This can be done easily on your own.

3. Matanot LaEvyonim - Gifts to the Poor

We are obligated to perform the Mitzvah of “Matanot La’Evyonim” on Purim day which is the distribution of two monetary gifts, one to each need person.

If you would like to appoint Rabbi Yonatan as your messenger, you can use the convenient form at this link to perform this holy Mitzvah.

Click here for our online Matanot LaEvyonim page!

4. Machatzit HaShekel - Half Shekel Coin

It is customary to donate money before Purim as “a commemoration of the Half-Shekel” which was donated by the entire Jewish nation when the Bet Hamikdash stood.

If you would like to perform this Mitzvah with actual silver coins, you are welcome to come to Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim any day before Purim, or before Megillah reading on Wednesday. We have three silver coins (generously donated by the Savin family) for this purpose.

If you will be unable to do so, you can use the convenient form at this link to perform this precious custom.

Click here for our online Machatzit HaShekel page!

5. Purim Holiday Feast

Experience Purim the way it is done in Yerushalayim!


Quite audacious, no? Join us for aPurim-themed Purim - the way which Mordechai and Esther intended the holiday to be celebrated!


Join us for a gourmet dinner, accompanied by musicsinging,dancing and uplifting teachings by Rabbi Yonatan!


Click here for our online RSVP page!

Purim Seminar - mon. and tues.

8:30pm Tuesday, March 7th
ALL are welcome to join the KSH Night Kollel for a one-time seminar on the Halachot of Purim with Rabbi Yonatan.

Wed, May 22 2019 17 Iyyar 5779