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Maot Chittim - Pesach Charity

In the opening paragraph of the Haggadah recited at the Seder, we declare: "All who are hungry, let them come and eat." Each of us as individuals make up a singular entity, and in order to experience freedom ourselves, we must ensure that our brothers and sisters have the means to celebrate freedom too.

The truth is that most people who are hungry will not be standing in our dining rooms as we begin our Seder, waiting for the invitation.

As such, in preparation for Pesach, it is proper to contribute generously towards funds that ensure that indeed everyone who is in need has the necessary provisions for the holiday—food, Matzah, wine, festive clothing, etc.

This special Pesach fund, originally intended to provide the poor with Matzah, is known as Ma'ot Chittim, "the wheat fund," or Kimcha D'Pischa, "Passover flour."

Don't be left out of this special Mitzvah! 

Personalized Maot Chittim - Donation per family

Instead of our usual suggested amount, this year was ask that you instead choose to donate any respectable sum.

Please provide the names (Hebrew or English) of the household members you are donating Maot Chittim for, aside from your name entered above.


Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784