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Soft Matzah Bakery in San Diego 5782/2022

Sunday, March 27, 2022 24 Adar II 5782

All DayKehillat Shaar HaShamayim

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID - we are making history in San Diego once again! Soft Matzah is coming back to town!

The History
Every year we reach the famous words in the "Korech" section of the Haggadah:

"In memory of the Temple according to Hillel. This is what Hillel would do when the Temple existed: He would wrap the Matzah and Marror and eat them together, in order to fulfill what is stated, (Exodus 12:15): "You should eat it upon Matzot and Marrorim."

How do you wrap a thin, crunchy cracker? You can't!

So how did Hillel do it? He ate soft Matzah, which is the original form of unleavened bread that our forefathers and mothers ate. The best part is that this Matzah is Kasher for Pesach for both Sepharadim and Ashkenazim!

The News
We have once again secured a shipment of special Shemurah Matzah flour, and are setting up a Matzah bakery on Sunday, March 27th - and are asking you for help to make it happen!

A number of families have already joined us in donating $100 to the Matzah effort, and - aside from the tremendous Mitzvah of sponsoring this effort - will recieve fresh Matzot for their Seder!

Want To Join?
We are reaching out to offer you this tremendous oppurtunity - do you want to sponsor $100 and make history?

Please let me know as soon as you can by responding to this email and/or clicking the link above!

Also, please respond to this email to let me know if you will be able to help us volunteer at the bakery on baking day!

Wishing you a holiday of true freedom - and soft Matzah!

Rabbi Yonatan Y. Halevy

PS At this point in time, we will not be selling Matzah - it will be reserved for our sponsors only, and for use at Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim.

PPS  If you have sponsored the Matzah effort and also wish to join in the baking process at our Matzah bakery, you are asked to please attend a mandatory seminar at Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim on Thursday night, March 24th at 7:00pm to study all the relevant laws and customs of this fascinating process. 


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