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Virtual High Holiday Corner

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new High Holiday Location!

It is with tremendous gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu that we share with you the exciting news that our management has graciously accepted our request to secure a larger unit for our High Holiday Tefillot this year!

Due to space limitations, High Holiday Tefillot are open to Kehillah members and regulars only (exceptions may be requested via email for immediate family on case-by-case basis, space-permitting)All outsiders, even if they are guests of our members, will not be allowed entry. 

We hope for a day where we can reinstate our famous Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim hospitality, and this is a necessary first step to reaching that goal.

Registration Deadline - 9/22

Members and regulars who wish to attend any of the High Holiday meetings, must register in advance via our online form. Those who do not register will be unable to attend meetings upon arrival. 

Registration deadline is 9/22 at 1:00pm.

To request the link for our online registration form, send an email to

Selichot at KSH!

Join us for Selichot at Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim on Zoom!

We are opening our Zoom Selichot to members of the greater Shiviti family!

RSVP for the Zoom link!

High Holidays at KSH

Sun, November 27 2022 3 Kislev 5783