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Yehi Shalom Dedication form

Revised and Reprinted – Third Edition!

Dedications for “Yehi Shalom: A Guide to the Laws of Pesach and Kashrut” are now available!

ONLY 10 Dedications AVAILABLE - $180 each! 

If you wish to add a dedication to the book in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one, or any other dedication, we only have 10 slots availabe for dedication!

DEDICATIONS: Dedications are just $180 and include a full-page dedication with a personal blessing from Rabbi Yonatan. Each donor will receive a copy of Yehi Shalom, hot off the press, as well as one for a Jewish organization of their choosing.

DEADLINE: Please reply to this email by Sunday, March 17th at 9:00am to secure your dedication page. Thank you!

Hebrew Name (or English name if you don't know your Hebrew name)

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Underneath the Rabbi's blessing for you, you will have the opportunity to include a full page dedication. Kindly write your dedication in this box so our editing team can format it to fit the book.

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You are welcome to add any additional donation to Shiviti in this field.


Sat, October 19 2019 20 Tishrei 5780